About Us


The original Pantoja Bakery started with P50,000 and an old clay brick oven or pugon behind the house in a Chinese-owned property that was given as a wedding gift to Celinda Laurel Dimayuga of Tanauan and spouse Aurelio Maningat Pantoja of Balayan seven decades ago. It was a gift from Celinda's parents.

When Anthony's parents, Arturo Dimayuga Pantoia and Marilyn Gonzales married in 1975, they took over the management of the bakery.

Arturo was the manager, payroll master and cashier. He did everything by hand and calculator.

"I couldn't believe this would be my business. I was like a Maestro Musikero with a gitara and a silindro (harmonica)," said Arturo. He runs the Alabang franchise. "I learned sipag at tiyaga (industriousness and perseverance) from my father (Aurelio)."

In 1970, Arturo mechanized operations and hired more people, ramping up production.

Abraham one of the son of Arturo actively involved in the business and loves what he is doing for Panaderia Pantoja. "Loving your work is among the keys to our success," said Abraham, the vice president for sales and marketing. "Be dedicated. Be committed. Love your employees. Give back to community. Treat suppliers as business partners. If we grow, you also grow."


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